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Level 5, 157 Walker Street, North Sydney, NSW 2060 Australia

Frequently asked questions:

What can Collabosaurus do for my brand?

Collabosaurus is a marketing tool - so, first thing's first - we help you grow your business! 

How? Collabosaurus taps into the power of brand collaborations as a way to cleverly cross promote & reach new audiences.

It works just like a dating site - for brands! We connect you with complementary businesses for marketing partnerships in social media, events & products. Best way to start is to launch a campaign on Collabosaurus (this is free, just click 'Any Type' on the homepage)

How do I get started?

The best way to get started is to launch your first campaign & view your matches.

This is 100% free to do, and you can do it straight from the homepage in about 5 minutes!

Not sure which collaboration type to choose? Select 'Any Type' and keep your options open. There are help videos in the top right corner of each step, too.

Why can't I search the opportunities available before signing up?

There are a couple of reasons you can't search for opportunities without having an account, here are our key reasons...

1. Because we're a match-maker. We pride ourselves in the ability to serve up highly relevant, awesome collaboration opportunities based on your marketing objectives, your audience & your industry. In other words, if you're on the dating scene, we don't just throw you into a room full of 4000+ potential suitors for you to wade through. We get to know you a little first, and hand pick the best people for you to meet.

2. Collabosaurus is for sourcing win/win collaboration partners. By ensuring that all users launch a campaign to view matches & connect with people, it means that we can keep the quality of opportunities high, pre-screen accounts & ensure collaborations are win/win, not win/lose.