Hey!CollaboHub is a marketing & resource hub to help your brand get big.

Access to the CollaboHub comes with a Business or Enterprise subscription!

What is all the fuss about with the CollaboHub?

Fortnightly Strategy Call

Get help with personalised marketing strategy, problem solving & business building on small group calls limited to 5 people each fortnight. We’ve already helped with a pitch to Qantas & Frank Body, launch a members’ website & generate a bunch of new collaboration ideas!

Legal Agreement & Contract Templates

Thanks to our partnership with Law Squared, we have legal contract & agreement templates so you can play a bigger game & never get screwed over – at a FRACTION of the cost!

Exclusive Resources & Partner Deals

We’ve partnered with MOO printing to give you $25 off your printing, we also create new content every month to drop in exclusive courses & resources. There’s currently marketing campaign planners, how to identify value, a PR 101 guide with media list template

Email Scripts & Worksheets

We’ve got all sorts of email scripts for easy copy & paste awesomeness, including:
– Reach out to a dream
– Get your event sponsored
– ‘Break up’ with a collaborator


In addition to the 12 connections you already get on the Business subscription. Login/sign up to Collabosaurus & click 'upgrade' to get access!


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We've been busy blushing over these love notes…

Collabosaurus is the best place to connect with like- minded businesses who want to engage and work together for a common goal. I have it as an integral part of my business

-Katrina Higham, Badass Biscuit Co.

After collaborating with Collabosaurus on an event, I saw my followers spike and the same names come through in orders. I could see straight away I had gained followers and also customers from the experience

-Louise Reeves, Posy Supply Co.

Collabosaurus opened a door of opportunity and creativity that we otherwise never would have known existed. As a smaller designer brand it was amazing to be linked with a like minded creative- stress free!

-Adriana Andelkovic, Mickey Rose

A couple of collabo-legends…


Make sure you’re logged in to access the billing page

Why on earth do you need the CollaboHub anyway?

Because you need to:

Grow your audience + customer base like crazy

Secure some incredible partnership deals this year; whether that’s for sponsorship, for your events, for your product sales or social media campaigns

Grow your network of legendary people you currently goggle at from afar, in a way that doesn’t scare them away or push a sale – and instead wins their heart!


Make sure you’re logged in to access the billing page