The Beauty Brand That's Winning with Collabosaurus


What’s better than a beauty collab? FIVE BEAUTY COLLABS! Just ask Style Story, the K-Beauty brand who are absolutely owning the Collabosaurus game in 2021. 

Joining the platform in January this year, Style Story have achieved 5 brand collabs within just 8 months, proving that you really can accomplish a collab every coupla’ months or so! Style Story is a family of 3 beauty brands, including Subi Beauty & Jelly Ko. Style Story have managed to successfully balance collabs between the three brands without blinking an eye, generating amazing results.



If your marketing goals include social media growth, increasing engagement and building hype around your brand, then these Social Media Competitions & Giveaways could be the ultimate inspo for your next brand partnership!


Jelly Ko x Chatime x Dessert Boxes


Collaborate with Jelly Ko


The perfect collab to celebrate National Bubble Tea Day, (yes there is such a thing!) This collab brought together products that involve a fan fave common denominator - Bubble Tea! Jelly Ko’s Bubble Tea Steam Cream and Chatime’s delicious Bubble Tea drinks are a match made in heaven, and paired with goodies from Dessert Boxes like Caramello Koalas and Nutella (brb, drooling) this collab saw Style Story gain hundreds of followers.


Subi Beauty x Eco Beauty Tools


 Collaborate with Subi Beauty


Subi Beauty teamed up with Eco Beauty Tools for a social giveaway offering beautiful Subi products and bamboo tools to go with them, reminding us that beauty x beauty collabs are totally a thing!


Jelly Ko x Vitamelon


Collaborate with Jelly Ko


Another bev x beauty collab with products that compliment each other perfectly. Vitamelon’s fresh, Sparkling Watermelon Juice and Jelly Ko’s Bubble Tea Steam Cream created a fruity autumn giveaway collab for all to enjoy.


Subi Beauty x Damn Gina


Collaborate with Subi Beauty


Silk pillow cases, perfect pimple patches, holo-dream brightening mask - it sounds like a self care package made in heaven, and it was! This sleepwear accessories x beauty collab definitely brought self-care to the next level.


Jelly Ko x Teelixir


Collaborate with Jelly Ko


Beverages & beauty are two industries that can work amazingly together, and this collab between Teelixir and Jelly Ko brought entrants the chance to win a relaxing, peaceful prize of tonics, supplements, lush face cream & masks.


The results?


Engagement, increased social following, clever brand alignment and cross exposure with minimal marketing cost. That’s what we’re talking about! Not only did they achieve increased social engagement, but the collabs they undertook led to more business outside of the platform reaching out to them for more collabs.  

And that’s not all, Style Story has more collabs where these came from - and we’re excited to see what comes next! 


Can you envision your brand in a collab with Style Story?


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