Best Brand Collaborations of 2021

It’s that time of the year again, & what a strange year it’s been! Although there've been some ups & down’s, there’s been collaborations all round, & we’ve compiled the CollaboTeam’s favourites to share with you! Take a peek at the below collaborations from the past year, & find some inspiration for next year's Collaboration Calendar!


Jess' Favourite Collaboration of 2021


Amie Leon Dore x Porsche Car Re-design Collab


Effortlessly cool, Amie Leon Dore is a NY fashion & lifestyle brand who have continuously captured attention for their stunning collaboration & partnership pursuits (New Balance & Woolrich, to name a few). This year, their collaboration with Porsche on a limited edition, fully restored vintage Porsche was no exception & kept popping into day-dreams around the world. 


Why I love it: The Porsche itself, while core to the partnership, wasn’t the only campaign feature that shot this collaboration to success. The campaign video transported viewers to a Tuscan-esque getaway, ALD released a matching capsule collection & Porsche leveraged the stunning one-of-a-kind car by showcasing the vehicle via a flagship store display.


Miranda's Favourite Collaboration of 2021


H&M Singapore x 10 Local Artist’s 10th Anniversary Event Activation


This one’s for all the creatives! Miranda’s top pick is H&M Singapore's amazing Artist Collaboration that celebrated the 10th Anniversary of the store. This exciting event activation involved 10 local artists that helped transform the space into an eye-catching exhibition. From photo-booths, fabric printing stations, sculptures & even a bean bag in the shape of a bag of trash, this whole activation was a totally instagrammable affair. 


Why I love it: A collaborative event such as this opens up an exceptional opportunity for massive cross-promotion across all 10 artists channels, as well as pretty much guarantees a huge amount of UGC (User Generated Content), with the campaign encouraging passer’s by to share on their social media (& how could you not!). Add on the media attention that the campaign brought & this collaboration is nothing but a shining success! Bravo to H&M Singapore.


Kelley's Favourite Collaboration of 2021


National Geographic x Tentree Limited Edition Sustainable Fashion Collaboration


Kelley’s fave collab is the wonderful National Geographic x Tentree collab, where every purchase supports National Geographic’s mission to educate, support & conserve our planet. Every design in the collection was hand drawn by illustrators, inspired by photographs from the National Geographic Archives. 


Why I love it: Creating a limited edition collection is a fantastic way to create a sense of urgency & drive sales during the campaign. Not to mention, this collaboration is a fantastic example of how to achieve clever brand alignment. By partnering with a brand that shares the same values, both parties have successfully promoted sustainable fashion & their mission to take care of the planet.


Zen's Favourite Collaboration of 2021


Nintendo x Starlight Foundation Switch Gaming Stations Collab


Nintendo & The Starlight Foundation teamed up to provide Starlight Nintendo Switch Gaming Stations to hospitals around the US to provide some much needed entertainment for children suffering from terminal illnesses. The console has a bunch of fun games pre-loaded & the station can be wheeled into any child’s room so they can have a go! 


Why I love it: because it’s incredibly meaningful & a huge act of goodwill that will make a massive difference in children’s lives.


Tin's Favourite Collaboration of 2021


Dior x Technogym Luxury Fitness Collab


Fashion house Dior & fitness specialists Technogym teamed up on a collection of high-end fitness equipment with a Dior twist. Including a weight bench, gym ball & treadmill this collection is all you need for a fancy workout at home. 


Why I love it: the contrast between the famous luxury brand & the concept of home workouts, it’s unexpected & executed incredibly! If a lush gym ball & luxe treadmill can’t get you into fitness, what can?!


Katy's Favourite Collaboration of 2021


The Simpsons x Balenciaga Short Film


This short film promoting the upcoming release of a new Balenciaga Collection tells the story of Marge’s desire for her dream Balenciaga dress & the emotions attached to owning such a lush fashion item! Katy loved this collab as soon as she laid eyes on it, as it built excitement around the upcoming Balenciaga Collection (hype mode unlocked!). 


Why I love it: This collaboration had all the ingredients necessary to perfectly appeal to Balenciaga's Gen Z/Young Millennial market - a childhood fave TV show, current pop culture references and a dash of existential dread (relatable). It was an unexpected pairing, which created even more intrigue, and the use of the short film to 'advertise' in a super native and genuinely engaging format was such a clever method.


Kendrick's Favourite Collaboration of 2021


Reese’s Cereal Puffs x Anomaly AR Synthesizers


Reese’s Puffs teamed up with Anomaly to create a limited edition activity loaded cereal box. Aspiring Reese’s Puff’s producers could place cereal on the back of the box & use an augmented reality app to make music at! This collab took breakfast music to the next level. 


Why I love it: this collab because of the clever use of Augmented Reality technology - AR is the future of connecting the physical & digital world! Anyone else feeling like cereal right about now?! 


Dannie's Favourite Collaboration of 2021


Teevee Snacks x Krispy Kreme Doughnut Bikkies


Arnott's Teevee Snacks have extended their delicious bikkie range by partnering with Krispy Kreme on some tasty doughnut bikkie treats. With flavours including Original Glazed, Strawberry Sprinkles, Kookies & Kreme, Caramel Delight & Choc Iced, there's a flavour for everyone (trust us, we've tried every flavour in the Collabo office.) 

Why I love it: For both parties, this collaboration was a win-win situation. Krispy Kreme had the chance to introduce new flavours, and TeeVee snacks (which I had never heard of before) will gain more exposure to potential customers- just like me! 

Want to leverage your own creative collaboration?


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