Launch Collaboration: Georgi Swimms x White House Flowers

Georgi Swimms joined the Collabosaurus family before launching their gorgeous sustainable swimwear line & found a great opportunity to team up with White House Flowers to add value to the momentous launch day. Georgi Swimms x White House Flowers teamed up on a sustainable summer basket for launch day, which of course included Georgi Swimms’ swimwear & a beautiful summery bouquet from White House Flowers. The summer basket was sent to press, influencers & taste makers around Sydney driving reach and hype for both brands!

What was in the basket

A carefully curated summer basket was put together with the intention of inspiring sustainability, which is key to Georgi Swimms’ business. The team put together a stylishly conscious basket that included the following locally sourced goodies:

  • Georgi Swimms sustainable oversized palma basket
  • Bag of Georgi Swimms’ hero pieces
  • A donation on behalf of the giftees including donations to Clean the Sea
  • Gorgeous bouquet of flowers supplied by White House Flowers
  • Molly’s Cradle Rose 

If Summer were a basket, it would be the launch day basket!

Success of the collaboration

White House Flowers x Georgi Swimms saw a great opportunity to team up for the big launch day. There was a buzz around Georgi Swimms launching their eco-friendly, conscious swimwear line & collaborating was great for increasing reach for both brands, driving sales of the new line & for stunning content creation opportunities for both brands.

White House Flowers added value by providing floral magic to the launch event  & gift basket where Georgi Swimms added value by facilitating media reach & creating awesome content. Both brands added value by reaching new audiences & potential customers.

Georgi Swimms created awesome hype & buzz around the launch day through exciting social media posts & by incorporating creative countdown teasers in their Instagram stories. Georgi Swimms also sent their summer basket to influencers, media & taste makers in Sydney, which further added reach & awareness. 


Since launching, Georgi Swimms has appeared in numerous press articles including Elle Australia & Popsugar, which created even more exposure & publicity for the campaign, even after launch day!

Results of the collaboration

The Georgi Swimms x White House Flowers collaboration had many valuable outcomes:

  • Brand alignment for both businesses
  • A positive long term partnership between the two brands
  • White House Flowers was able to reach a new audience of over 1,9K
  • Both Georgi Swimms & White House Flowers created engaging content related to the summer basket that was sent out to media, influencers and tastemakers
  • Buzz about the launch day was generated through social media posts & countdowns that Georgi Swimms created 
  • White House Flowers’ social media following gave raving reviews of White House Flower’s launch day bouquet 
  • The Georgi Swimms x White House Flowers collaboration created an awesome content creation opportunity  
  • Georgi Swimms reached & created a highly engaging, VIP experience for key media, influencers & tastemakers
  • Georgi Swimms saved budget by collaborating with White House Flowers

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