It's Our 5th Birthday

Do business years work like dog years? It kind of feels like it. I’ve learned A LOT of lessons running a business over 5 years (& I’m sure there are plenty more lessons to come)! But at the same time, the last five years have flown. 

I am so excited about all the good stuff we have in the works & I am SO proud of how far this business has come. I can’t quite believe we have attracted over 7,000 brands now, won awards, featured in media, spoken at events like Microsoft & Vogue - heck, we collaborated with Vogue. We help hundreds of brands collaborate every month & see some jaw-dropping collaborations come to life - it’s wild.

To celebrate this milestone birthday, we’ve got a little surprise in store.


Upgrade in September and receive 5 x creative collaboration ideas to help your business grow.



For any subscription upgrade that takes place in September 2020, you will receive five personalised collaboration ideas for your brand! Have a peek above for what this bonus looks like. We are so excited! 

If you're already using Collabosaurus & you're interested in upgrading, head to your Settings page, select your plan & we'll take care of the rest!

For new users, you'll need to create an account first (list your brand) & then follow the steps above.



Is Collabosaurus only got big brands?


Collabosaurus is for brands big & small! Rest assured that you will be match-made based on your ability to help each other, so it’s always win/win.

Still feel a little small? Don’t forget that there is a mountain of value in collaborating with smaller brands that are agile & have incredibly engaged communities. You likely have a lot more to offer than you think. Email us if you need a hand!



“Collaboration is a super cost-effective way of getting really great [marketing] results...Collabosaurus is a really warm place. Everyone is there for the same purpose & we can help each other, A LOT."


How do I get the best results?


Great question! The best results come from ...

  • Actively using the platform! Proactively sending requests, as well as responding to requests & messages is THE best way to get results
  • Being open to cool, creative collaborations with brands big & small

Why is there a 3 month min. payment term?


3 months is the average time it takes to source, secure, execute & see results from a collaboration end-to-end. The minimum term is in place to ensure you see results & also safeguard from brands going M.I.A after making connections!

There's A LOT to love about an upgrade...

✨ ​Thousands of opportunities match-made to your brand

✨ ​Host a branded pitch portal to attract opportunities & save time

​✨ Connect with brand partners for clever marketing 

​✨ Access the CollaboHub of marketing resources, templates & workshops with experts

​✨ Tap into new communities of potential customers through strategic cross promotion

✨ Engage existing & new customers in a creative way

​✨ Grow your email list, social media community or website traffic

​✨ Grow your network, attract publicity, get content created, boost a revenue stream (there's a bunch you can do!)


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We’re off to enjoy some cake ;)

Happy birthday, Collabosaurus!