Swipe right for brand collabs...

Collabosaurus started as a web platform over 6 years ago (how time flies!) to make brands, marketers and publicists lives so much easier. The platform has been the touch point for brands to connect for clever collaborations, streamlining conversation and connections.

Over these last 6 years, Collabosaurus has grown massively with over 8,000 brands across Australia and overseas, such as ASOS, The ICONIC, Porsche, Sofitel and Pinterest, all actively using the platform for brand collaborations through desktop.

BUT Collabosaurus is about to get even bigger…

We started to notice that...

  • 62% of our website traffic comes from mobile devices
  • 55% of cancellations mentioned 'too much time' between connection responses and messages
  • Some of our account notification emails were landing in peoples 'promotions' or spam folders, meaning BIG opportunities were getting missed
  • One of our in-house developers, Tin, was an absolute gun
  • 100%* of users feel incredibly busy, and these days are barely at their desk (*ok, so we made that last figure up)

So there was only one thing left to do...


We launched a Collabosaurus app!


Our initial release is available exclusively to all paid plan subscribers via the iOS app store.

Incredible brand partnership opportunities, in your pocket. It's never been easier (or faster) to source, secure & implement brilliant brand collaborations to grow your business.


Swipe right for brand collaborations
Respond to requests in a single action
Chat with your connections on-the-go
Never miss an opportunity thanks to push notifications




We are so thrilled to share this BIG milestone in business with you, and we're indescribably proud that you're able to collaborate with other brands from the palm of your hand. 

Happy swiping!

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