Collaborating on Social Media


Whether it be for giveaways, #challenges, or simple content creation and cross promotion, social media collaborations are when two businesses work together on a social-media-specific campaign to help each other grow. 



Why collaborate with other businesses?


If you're promoting anything on your own, you're limited to your existing community & paid advertising. Collaboration allows you to DOUBLE your reach to tap into new audiences, creatively.
Scroll down for some great ideas to get you started...






IDEA 1: Competition & Giveaway Collaborations


Don't run a competition on your own! Teaming up with a complementary brand allows you to double your reach & make your prize more awesome. 

TIP: keep the amount of collaborators limited & highly relevant. Too many can lead to inauthentic followers & doesn’t achieve powerful attention on your brand. 




IDEA 2: Content Collaborations


Why not team up with a content producer, like a photographer, videographer or stylist? It's a great way to build win/win content and reach. OR, connect with a photographer AND a complementary business to triple your reach & mix up your content. 

Skin & Bone wetsuits collaborated with So it Goes the Label for a photoshoot through Collabosaurus- both brands got professional content & were able to reach approx 10,000 more people than they would have if they went it alone (because all brands involved were promoting the photoshoot & each-other! Can you feel the love?)






IDEA 3: #Challenges


Make big impact with a social media #challenge. Running an initiative like this with a collaborating brand allows you to significantly increase the reach of your social posts & attract more participants. #Challenges also dramatically increase engagement - give your audience something to have fun with!

A great example is the #sgiew (So Good In Every Way) challenge, an Instagram collab by @incredibusy & @willowdaygram celebrating the good things in life. #Challenges engage your existing audience & allow you to reach new people through clever cross promotion. Even better, a challenge promotes user generated content, meaning you’ll attract more followers from the networks of your participants!





How to collaborate for your business...


It's super easy [& free] to get started on Collabosaurus. Watch this video for how to get started in under 5 minutes, and you can check out our ideas & strategy generator here if you want more inspo!