Having connected on Collabosaurus, Beauty & The Bees and Lens & Muse got to chatting about exciting ways they could team up to not only promote their offering but also get in front of new audiences. Beauty & The Bees has well loved & gorgeous sustainable products and Lens & Muse has an exceptional skill at photography, which resulted in a collaboration to create an amazing spring campaign & engaging content for Beauty & The Bees.


Why this collaboration was so successful

Both Beauty & The Bees and Lens & Muse benefited from teaming up as the content was very well received by both brands’ following. Just one of Beauty & The Bees posts on instagram had no less than 200 views within 5 days indicating that their audience loved both the imagery & photography that Lens & Muse created & the products promoted in the posts. Lens & Muse created engaging content that created hype around Beauty & The Bees products and Beauty & The Bees was able to give Lens & Muse the opportunity to work on a completely new stock photography project that she could add to her portfolio & put in front of a new audience.

Engagement of the posts:

  • Beauty & The Bees’ Instagram post received 203 views within first 5 days of posting
  • Beauty & The Bees’ stock photography post received 30 likes within first day of posting
  • Lens & Muse’s stock photography post received 39 likes & 12 comments within 8 days of posting 
  • Comments included compliments of Lens & Muse’s skill, compliments of Beauty & The Bees’ products & recommendations to be promoted in an organic community, furthering their reach to new audiences

Results of the Collaboration


Both Beauty & The Bees and Lens & Muse achieved the below results from their collaborative social media content:

  • Spring campaign content that drives sales for Beauty & The Bees
  • Creation of engaging content that received great reviews & impressions from both audiences
  • Lens & Muse was able to reach over 4,700 potential clients through Beauty & The Bees 
  • Beauty & The Bees was able to reach over 1,700 potential customers through Lens & Muse
  • Beauty & The bees was able to save hundreds of dollars in stock photography
  • Brand alignment for both businesses
  • A great working relationship between both brands moving forward 


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