Frequently Asked Questions

What is Collabosaurus?

Collabosaurus is like a match-making site for brands. We help you source effective strategic alliances by ‘matching’ you with brands that fit your target market, what you’re looking for, and have attractive marketing assets. We take the hassle and time out of researching, phoning and digging-for-important-information that is involved in sourcing a strategic alliance. We will match you with interested brands who have assets to offer as well.

How can Collabosaurus help me grow my business? Or my clients’ businesses?

Strategic collaborations are a proven way to market and grow your business. Collabosaurus has made strategic collaborations simple by cutting out the time, energy and resources required to source an interested collaborator with marketing assets. Collabosaurus will match you with potential alliances based on target market, marketing needs, industry and expectations.

What is a strategic collaboration and why should I use one to grow my business?

A strategic collaboration is essentially an agreement between two brands who often service the same market, but are not in direct competition. The agreement should revolve around a mutually beneficial arrangement where cross promotion, referrals, marketing exposure or leverage is exchanged. Strategic collaborations are extremely targeted and achievable on a low budget, they have also been implemented by some of the world’s biggest brands. Check out our resources page for case studies and specific information on what you can achieve with a strategic collaboration.

Who is Collabosaurus for?

Ah! The opportunities. Collabosaurus is particularly suited to event managers, marketing managers, publicists and business owners in fashion, beauty, lifestyle, food, beverage, venue and events-based industries. If you’re unsure of whether Collabosaurus is for you, send us an email info[at] and we’ll help you out. At this stage, Collabosaurus is only available to Australian brands. However, we have big plans to head over to the UK, Europe, U.S.A and Canada in the coming year so we’ll keep you posted!

What is a project?

Creating a project in Collabosaurus is like building the ‘strategic collaboration’ foundations of a campaign. Think about what kind of alliance you’re looking to make and why (there are lots of ideas in our Resources section) and fill out the project questionnaire based on that. Your project could be called ‘Launch Event 2016’ or ‘Instagram Campaign’ for example.

The name of your project is what your matches will see when they are presented with your information. If you want to remain anonymous, be sure to omit the brand name from your project title; you can include all you like in the ‘internal description’ section as this is for your eyes only.

Why can’t I login?

If your Collabosaurus account has been suspended, this will disable your ability to login. Collabosaurus will contact you directly if your account has been suspended.

If you have lost your password, you can contact Collabosaurus through info[at] and we can reset it for you. Alternatively, you can change your password from within your account dashboard under ‘Settings’.

Why can’t I create or list a project?

There are multiple reasons you mightn’t be able to create a project;

  • Your monthly payment didn’t go through
  • Your membership level doesn’t allow for the amount of projects you want to list
  • Your account has been suspended
  • Your account has not been activated yet.
  • You are experiencing the pre-launch site. This function is blocked until launch to ensure quality and consistency.

Collabosaurus will notify you in the case of all of the above. If you have any questions, please forward them to info[at]

Can I duplicate an old project and edit it?

Yes! Duplicating a project is part of the archiving function.

What happens to my projects if I downgrade my subscription?

If you downgrade subscriptions and you have excess active projects in your dashboard, these will be deactivated and archived. You can always revisit them later, or upgrade your subscription at any time.

Can I manage multiple brands on Collabosaurus?

Yes! Collabosaurus allows for the listing of multiple projects, for multiple brands at one time. These are all accessible through the account dashboard.

What if none of my matches are a fit?

Collabosaurus allows you to create an account, publish projects and view matches before committing to a subscription, so you should have a sound idea of the quality of matches before paying a cent! Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that every project or every brand will successfully secure a quality match. We offer plenty of tips, tricks and advice over on our blog page to help you get the most out of Collabosaurus and find the best businesses to connect with.

What if a collaboration is mutually accepted and then nothing comes of it?

Collabosaurus cannot guarantee that a collaborative effort will be successful or fruitful after a match has been made. We offer extensive case studies, tips and tricks over on our blog page which can help you achieve amazing results.

If a mutually accepted match is revealed and one party is unreachable, we would love to know! Send an email to info [at] and we will see what we can do.

How do I change my account details?

From your account dashboard, hit ‘Settings’ in the top right menu bar. From here you can change any of your account information, including managing your subscription preferences, credit card details and password.

How do I reset my password?

From your account dashboard, visit your ‘Settings’ by clicking the ‘Settings’ button at the top right of your screen. Then scroll down to reset your password.

If you cannot remember your password, go to the Collabosaurus homepage and attempt to log in, from here there is a little button ‘forgotten your password?’ under the log in button. You’ll receive an email with instructions on how to reset your password.

Can I pay for requests individually?

No. The Collabosaurus subscription structure allows for flexibility and ensures a smooth user experience.

What is your refund policy?

In short, we do not offer refunds. You can sign up to Collabosaurus, create projects and view matches for free before committing to a subscription. Because of this, you are able to ensure Collabosaurus is a good fit for your brand before paying any fees. You can view our full privacy policy, terms and conditions through the link in the website footer.

Am I locked into anything?

No. Collabosaurus allows you to create a project and view your matches for free, before needing to pay a subscription. if you do decide to upgrade to a paid plan - you can leave at any time (commitment is hard, we get it!)

Can I upgrade or downgrade my subscription at any time?

Yes! Either upgrading or downgrading your plan is simple with Collabosaurus. You will never lose any of your data and you can jump between plans month to month if you need.

Paid subscriptions are entirely self managed, and you can access all of your upgrade & downgrade options from your 'Settings' page. 

Video below on how to upgrade or downgrade your plan in a few clicks!



When will I be charged?

You won’t be charged until you decide to subscribe to Collabosaurus. You can do this by editing your preferences in your user ‘Settings’ section (accessed at the top right of your screen)

The first month will be charged immediately, and then recurring billing is automatically set up to run on the same date of every month. For example, if you sign up for a subscription plan on the 27th of March, recurring billing will always charge on the 27th of each month.

What if my question isn’t answered on this page?

We like to think we know our stuff. You can send us an email any time with your question to: