Why sexual wellness collaborations should be on your radar


Brands in the sexual wellness space have long battled with stigmas & closed-doors when it comes to marketing. But with brand x brand collaborations presenting a new opportunity for businesses to tap into meaningful organic cross-promotion, we’re throwing the spotlight on sexual wellness collabs, that have the potential to reduce the stigma around sex, health & conversations perceived as awkward by many.

By teaming up & working on creative, meaningful partnerships, these brands have managed to soften the topic of Sexual Wellness, highlighting that it is, in fact, a normal topic for conversation - especially in lockdown.


FIGR x 1800 Lasagne 



Two Melbourne brands have led the way in cosy lockdown partnerships with their Lube & Lasagne campaign. The women at Aussie Lubricant brand Figr and the team at 1800 Lasagne created a cheeky collab offering a free bottle of lube (in a classy, glass bottle, might we add) with the first 20 takeaway lasagne orders received last weekend. 


Moments Condoms x Love Ludie 



Moments Condoms, the playful and trendy Aussie contraception brand have teamed up with Love Ludie, the artist that uses stunning pastel colours to express beautiful, naked figures to make a lockdown love baby in the form of beautiful packaging. Not only is it the artsiest condom box we’ve seen all year, but they’ve also donated profits to GRLKND, an NFP community program supporting female-identifying youth. We told you collabs were great!


Can you visualise your brand in a saucy little collab?


Luckily for you, we have some wonderful brands with great values waiting for clever partnerships! These trending companies could be your brand soulmate:


Adult Toy Mega Store


Collaborate with ATMS

ATMS are at the heart of self-love and self-care, aiming to erase the stigma around sex and empowering people of all shapes and sizes! They want to collaborate on fun, unashamed campaigns that make people feel good - and we can’t wait to see what they come up with!





This Brisbane based brand stocks neutral, simple, everyday sex products - for everyone. Their aim? To make sex product discussions come as naturally as conversations about skincare. These products are so sophisticated you will want to sit them around your room on multi-level podiums, like abstract sculptures. And Rosewell encourages you to! Rosewell want to create partnerships and undertake collaborations that will re-write the traditional sex narrative and pave the way for more open conversations in the future.





These silk pillows are as sexy as the brand name sounds. Roumage's pillow slips are hand made in Sydney with certified organic silk, and they’re giving us the ultimate treat yourself vibes. Get ready to roll your R’s and mumble your M’s, because Roumage provides silky, sustainable pillow slips for the softest bed-time experience you could ever dream of. 


Ona Luxury 



Ona Luxury are coming in hot with a fresh range of intimate, luxury products to liberate the everyday user! They’re due to launch very soon, so keep your eyes peeled for this exciting new brand to launch into the Sexual Wellness Scene.





Made with only three ingredients, Sydney brand Sokkie’s condoms are vegan friendly with no preservatives. And the best part? They come in subtle packaging, making it easy to carry protection around with you. Sokkie are ready to undertake some great collaborations to encourage natural, non-toxic condom use, so you can, as Sokkie like to say, do the dance with no pants and no worries.