1. the action of working with someone to produce or create something.

"he wrote on art and architecture in collaboration with John Betjeman"


This definition could legitimately be applied to almost any situation. A pizza base collaborating with pepperoni, an accounting team collaborating on financials, your parents collaborating to create you or influencers charging you a few thousand dollars to post #collab.


Oh! And let’s not forget those *highly* personalised LinkedIn DMs from consultants wanting you to download their ebook, hire them & charge tens of thousands to ‘collaborate’?


If you see the word ‘collaboration’ everywhere and you’re at a loss as to how it will actually help your business - we’re here to set the record straight! And don’t worry, we see this word everywhere, too. In an obsessive way.


Yes, there are a million and one ways to ‘collaborate’, but more specifically, there’s ‘collaboration marketing’ - or co-marketing - and THIS is our favourite.  




Our definition of collaboration marketing?


When two businesses team up, create something* and help each other grow through clever cross-promotion.


*somethings, can be..


Physical [like jewellery or stationery] or online [like Ebooks, online courses & webinars]

Social media
Competitions / giveaways / challenges or content cross promotion, like shared photoshoots or the promotion of a co-created blog post

Venues, caterers, event hosts and product brands - rejoice! Collaboration marketing is an incredibly effective way to get in front of new potential customers.



For example...


// Girlboss Rally x Kastor & Pollux

For the incredible business conference Girlboss Rally event, Kastor & Pollux (a design & digital agency) collaborated on bold, beautiful posters for the entryway. Win/win because the events’ instagrammability went up tenfold, providing a unique experience - and Kastor & Pollux got exposure to thousands of new potential customers on event day & social media.


// The Wing x Otherland

The Wing, a co-working membership brand with spaces around the U.S collaborated with Otherland on a beautiful candle range.


// Grace Elizabeth Photography x Party Kit co.

A #matchmade on Collabosaurus, these two brands collaborated on a photoshoot, amplifying their social media reach through clever cross promotion. Also - saved a bunch of cash on stunning photography!


Need ideas for your business? Check out our free ideas generator if you’re stuck!




If you hadn’t noticed, collaboration marketing is the only way you can DOUBLE YOUR REACH for next to no dollars, leveraging what you already have to promote something brilliant.


By teaming up with complementary businesses, you’re not only doubling your marketing reach, you’re creatively reaching new potential customers in an engaging way (far more engaging than an ad) AND growing your network.


In fact, when done through Collabosaurus, collaboration marketing is up to 30x less expensive than other digital advertising. Woah.


Are you with us on how damn valuable that is?


Okay, so how do you get started using comarketing and collaboration for YOUR business? Well, you COULD spend a bunch of time researching, coming up with a cool idea, networking and pitching, following up etc - OR you could hop on Collabosaurus. It is free to start and takes 3 mins to set up. You never know what kind of ideas your potential collaborators have rattling around in their heads, waiting for the perfect collabopartner.


Here’s a video >>>


And here’s why...


>> Access valuable opportunities you otherwise wouldn’t be aware of (determined by our fancy algorithm);

>> Know what you’re getting & what you’re giving before you connect;

>> Over 5000+ brands (big and small!) looking to collaborate, they’re interested and ready!

>> Be notified of great comarketing opportunities as they come up.


And on a paid plan?


>> Connections galore! Connections that can change your business with powerful cross promotion. Connections that could change your business, literally;

>> Access to legal contracts and agreement templates to make moving forward in your business super simple;

>> Access to the CollaboHub - a marketing hub full of masterclass trainings and guides to grow your business;

>> A 1:1 call with someone in the Collabosaurus marketing team once a fortnight

>> List multiple campaigns / ideas at once - if you’re torn between two target demographics, you don’t have to choose.



You have nothing to lose by getting started, we’ll be there every step of the way (and don’t forget, it’s free to start!)