Every brand is creative and unique, and those are important qualities to protect. Let us be your bodyguard – the Kevin Costner to your Whitney Houston, and show you how to protect what makes your brand special! 

How do we find the balance between what to protect and what to share about our creative brand in the glorious process of collaboration?

Let’s break it down.

Things you need to protect:

  • Your values as a brand
  • Your brand aesthetic, positioning + voice
  • Your community of peeps!
  • Your time. This is big one! Your time is precious
  • Your assets

But since you’re probably not a lawyer, and probably can’t justify the cost of a lawyer for a simple Instagram or email list collab, use the templates from Law Squared inside the CollaboHub! We’ve got social media competition legal guidelines per state, a joint marketing agreement & an M.O.U template [don’t worry, we didn’t know what that was before either]

Negotiation can also be intimidating, and it’s good to know that you’ve got someone in your corner! We recommend that you check out the CollaboHub which is chocker-block full of supportive resources. In fact, there’s even a copy + paste email script for ‘how to ask for a better deal.’ We would love to be your cheerleaders!

Top tips for navigating the negotiation waters:

  1. Know who you’re collaborating with and WHY. 
    Goals are sexy as heck, and shared goals are even better, because they provide both brands with incentives to give their best work to the collab!

  2. Be clear on your aesthetic, positioning, voice + values [particularly if you’re not 100% sure they align with your collaborator] – Compromise is important, but know your limits.

  3. Get everything in writing and formalise things
    Before you start spiralling about what this looks like, we’ve got your back! Suss out the CollaboHub and check out our email templates which are strategically designed to help you negotiate. We’ve also got legal contracts + agreement templates to ensure things stay legit and mutually beneficial. We even have fortnightly calls for kickass help with ideas and leverage.

  4. Build a supportive community
    Ever heard of EmmaKateCo? Or The Blackline By Lauren? Both are incredible creatives [go follow them on insta immediately, @emmakateco and @theblacklinebylauren] and have built amazing communities. Both have had their designs ripped off by others who have claimed them as their own – and then get outed by their own loyal supporters on Instagram and brought to their attention. There is so much value in loyal community, particularly in the creative brand world!

  5. Trademark + copyright things
    If you’re like us and, *sigh*, don’t ever feel like picking up an encyclopaedia of legal + government jargon, let alone filling in a confusing application to lord-knows-what, NEVER FEAR, we got you. Watch this space, and make sure you’re on our mailing list because we’ve got an uber helpful Q&A Webinar coming up with IP Australia. Stay tuned! 

In the meantime, check out the CollaboHub now! And if you’re a solo star freelancer, you may be interested in ‘Collaborating as a Freelancer

Happy collaborating, legends!