When two loved brands come together, the opportunities to tap into each others’ audiences are amazing.

What is collaboration marketing?

When two brands come together, exchange their assets and tap into each others’ audiences for mutual benefit. These days, more and more is being done to ‘barter’ assets such as social media following, catering, products, photography or venue hire as a means to gain exposure; it’s essentially a way to achieve amazing, engaging marketing through clever cross promotion!

What is a Product Collaboration?

A product collaboration is when two brands with similar target markets co-create, co-brand and co-promote a product.

You’re essentially doubling your marketing power, adding value to your customers and generating buzz all at once! Assets to consider in this type of collaboration are the ability to manufacture a product, design skills, budgets, sales channels, leverage, and publicity opportunities. Product collaborations don’t always need to be a physical product, either. Think about online products; e-courses, e-books and podcasts – these are a great place to start for infopreneurs who have tight budgets.

Why you should do it


No matter how you collaborate, there are so many ways you can maximise exposure and attract new clients. Collabosaurus matches brands based on shared target market, so your audience that loves your brand and product is very likely to love that brand also and vice versa - making the collaboration successful. 

Engagement + Buzz 

Co-creating and co-promoting a product is an awesome way to engage existing and new audiences. A product collaboration presents another avenue to generate buzz and engagement by offering something shiny, new and valuable to your target market. If you're short for time around marketing events such as Mother's Day and Christmas, another idea is to co-brand your labelling on an existing product. This way you can rejuvenate one of your existing products with a fresh take from your collaborator.


Consistently coming up with fresh, valuable content for your social media channels can sometimes be a headache. By leveraging your collab, the ideation, process, creation - and of course - the final product, will create a whole range of fresh new content that your audience will love. 

Direct Profits
Product collaborations (whether online or offline) are one of the few collaboration types that can result in direct profits! You’re selling a product after all. Make sure you have agreements set up to cover your butts when it comes to profit split. The CollaboHub has a heap of resources such as legal agreements and contracts to help you with this process. You can upgrade your subscription here.

Product collab examples we love:

Samantha Wills X Yellowglen

This is by far our favourite example of a product collaboration. Yellowglen have manufacturing power, pre-existing sales channels and influence, Samantha Wills has a highly engaged audience and design assets. Together, they created Peacock Lane, a limited edition sparkling wine. The sales and boost in engagement were astronomical, and the collaboration was leveraged through ‘secret garden’ events, social media, publicity support and more.

Printsea X Mickey Rose

Printsea, a print designer and surface illustrator, was matched with Mickey Rose, an organic children’s wear label in Melbourne, through Collabosaurus (yay!) What they created was absolutely beautiful, a range of products that are entirely collaborative, offering the opportunity for exposure to each others’ audiences, as well as a direct profit! Love their work.