Whether it’s a business seminar, workshop, fashion show or product launch, events offer incredibly targeted platforms for marketing a brand. 

What is Collaboration Marketing?

When two brands come together, exchange their assets and tap into each others’ audiences for mutual benefit.

These days, it is of more value to ‘barter’ assets such as a brands social media following, catering, products, photography or venue hire as a means to gain exposure. It’s essentially a way to achieve amazing, engaging marketing through clever cross promotion!

What is an Event Collaboration?

Event collaborations aren’t purely for “event businesses” either, you’d be very clever in assuming that an event collaboration is still a great idea if you have a product/service and know your target market. Partnering up with a relevant event allows your brand to get in front of a very specific group of people in a powerful way.

Event partnerships can be anything from:

- co-hosted arrangements
- a venue waiving a hire fee in exchange for social media exposure
- a photographer and caterer providing services in exchange for valuable attention, or
- having a coupon code/sample of your product in goodie bags.

The Benefits of Collaborating on an Event:

It's budget-friendly

If you're in the business of events, strategic partnerships are amazing for expanding your professional network, gaining exposure and achieving great events on a budget. Collaborating with relevant brands is a great way to stay under-budget for your event, or achieve amazing marketing on little monetary spend. Instead of exchanging the standard $$ for a service or product, think about what else would be of value that you can offer.

A collab we LOVE was between Business Chicks x Nudie Juice x Fiveamorganics. Business Chicks ran a seminar event for business owners and managers across Australia featuring Seth Godin (which was amazing, by the way). At each event, attendees were treated to a Nudie Juice and yoghurts from five:am Organics, and encouraged to hashtag and share the treats across social media. 

You'll gain exposure for your business

Collabosaurus matches brands based on shared target markets so that any form of cross-promotion you do is sure to be valuable. If one of your goals is to gain brand awareness, having your brand visible on a media wall, posted on social media and featured as part of a promotional email (especially if you have a digital product) will help your brand gain more awareness and exposure in front of new audiences. 

You'll increase your engagement

Making your event memorable is increasingly important to achieve great results. It's all about creating "Instagrammable" moments so why not collaborate with a florist or an artist for a beautiful wall installation? It'll drastically impact the experience for people at your event and get them hashtagging & taking photos of your event and business all day long.