If you’re guilty of thinking you’re not established enough to collaborate – we’re here to tell you you’re wrong, and you’re probably too creative for your own good.

1. Own Your Brand


If you have a business, you have a brand – just like everyone else! It’s just as important for you to build this brand, gain exposure and generate buzz to attract new business. One of the most common mistakes we see being made by Solopreneurs and Freelancers is their lack of confidence around being a ‘one man band,’ however this is an advantage in many cases! You can move quickly, you’re priced well, your reputation and branding is highly consistent and accountabilities lie with you.

Our advice is to own it, be confident and start acting like you’re a brand rather than ‘just a freelancer’ – because you are! This means marketing and collaborating like the kick-butt brand you are.

2. Recognise Your Assets


You’ve got so much more to offer than you think! The most first and most obvious asset to look at is what you do; perhaps you’re a copywriter, a designer, a photographer, illustrator, hand-letterer, marketer, publicist, bookkeeper, candle-maker, accountant or developer. Whether you have a product or a service to offer, this is usually one of your biggest and most creative assets.

Secondly, have a think about what kinds of exposure you can offer the right collaborator. Who is in your client base already? Write down your numbers in terms of marketing budget (can be $0 don’t stress, strategic partnerships are great for this), social media following, size of email list, size of event you’re looking to run and the costs of your services. All of this will make you VERY attractive to the opposite sex [whoops, we mean collaborator] and your first date can be all about how you can leverage the exposure YOU want, with the assets that you have.

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3. Get Excited About The Creativity, Marketing Exposure & Connections


Collaboration marketing is highly creative and such a great way to showcase what you can do. The aim of the game is exposure, so think about the types of people you want to get in front of and get clear on their interests, age, location and gender. Collaborating with brands that share your target market is an incredible way to reach your ideal customers with little or no budget at all! Collaborating also has the domino effect of connecting you with like-minded people and brands, so you’re growing your network regardless! 

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