For online retailers, small business' and startups, Mother's Day is a huge opportunity to promote your products, add to your existing range and collaborate with other brands whilst keeping your marketing fresh.

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, here are some ideas to get you thinking so you can plan ahead, save yourself the time & think about how you can collaborate on your Mother's Day campaigns.

Co-create a product

Why not team up with another brand in the form of a nourishing hamper, gift box or a relaxing co-branded candle?

For example, a health and wellness brand can team-up with another brand in their industry to create a nourishing gift box featuring their brand's products inside, with both brands agreeing to cross-promote it across their social media channels, email marketing with the return either being shared revenue and/or leads.

Collaborate with a fellow Mumpreneur

If your audience on social media tends to be mothers, why not team-up with another business mum who compliments your brand for an Instagram or Facebook live talking about topics such as; managing your business, how you create work-life integration, productivity etc...By cross-promoting the event on social media and engaging in a raw and #unfiltered way you’ll be able to gain trust and exposure to a whole new audience and have a heap of fresh new content.

Host a giveaway

Why not team up with a brand in the form of a cross-promotional giveaway? We have heaps of brands on Collabosaurus who are ready to get cracking on a project right in time for Mother’s Day. You can list a project here for free!  

We’ve also teamed up with Law Squared to create templates and info around the legalities in hosting competitions (which you totally need to know about) inside the CollaboHub.

Team up with another brand for a gift with purchase

If you’re looking to grow your brand awareness, increase your exposure and tap into another brand’s audience, why not offer your product as a gift with purchase? In exchange, you can ask to have your brand featured in their email marketing, have content created (in the form of a photo shoot) by them and a shout-out on their social media accounts.

Freshen up your creative assets

Mother’s Day is a great opportunity to change up the way you usually communicate your brand’s product or service. If your audience is mostly mothers, this is your brand’s time to shine! If not, have a think about how you can tap into this audience and plan your creative assets (ie social media posts, graphics in your emails) accordingly.

There are over 4000+ brands on Collabosaurus who are ready to collaborate with brands just like yours! List a project and view your matches here for free!