The measure of a successful social media collaboration is not just the creation of eye-wateringly beautiful content, it’s about getting in front of an engaged, interested audience!

In the social media landscape, it’s easy to be seduced by someone with a follower count with a ‘k’ on the end. But just because someone has 27k followers, doesn’t mean that they’re all engaged or interested potential customers.

As a business, you want to be collaborating with a brand whose audience and customers have the potential to be converted into customers for your awesome brand!

1/ Comments

Who is interacting with the brand in the comments of their post? We don’t mean generic, spammy bot comments, but authentic comments that are relevant to the content of the post. Are people tagging their friends? Are they asking questions, or responding to a question posed in the captions? These all indicate that the audience are seeing the post, connecting, and taking the time to respond.

2/ What % of followers are regularly engaging

How many comments does a post get, and what percentage of the audience does it represent? Ideally, you want around 10% of the audience to be engaging on the reg! For big brands, 5% is just as good. What you don’t want is an account that has 100,000 followers and only receives 10 comments on their posts. That’s a red flag!

3/ Conversion rate

It’s worth enquiring how many people on average click through to the link in their bio. How many sales/enquiries do they get direct from their social media channels? This will help determine whether their audience engages to the point of conversion.

So have fun with it, and remember that Followers and Likes aren’t as important as engagement when it comes to picking a collaboration suiter!Remember, people will only engage with posts they find appealing, so try and ensure that your collaboration feels sincere, genuine and that it’s value is obvious to the audience!

For more insight into this topic, watch the Facebook Live we collaborated on with Seeker Lover Dreamer here (PLUS enjoy a tour of the gorgeous house we stayed at at Whale Beach)

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