5 Ways to work Smarter

Want to be more time savvy? Here are 5 ways to work smart and turn those work stings into better things.



1. Make your finances visual

I’m great at sticking to a budget, but looking at a spreadsheet of numbers makes me want to grab 3kgs of ice cream and retreat to my bedroom for days. It took me 2 years in business to make the switch to Xero [because I’m a penny pincher and who needs another software?] But the moment I did, my profits increased by about 120% – WHAT?! I know. I put it down to the little visual bar graph that shows ‘money in & money out,’ side by side each month. Having a quick visual reference I could check in on, pushed me to make that ‘money in’ bar 10x taller.

2. Outsource the things that frustrate you

You’re pretty great at what you do. You know that, I know that, your clients know that! Are you stuck doing your admin, behind on your blog posts, give no attention to social media or hate bookkeeping? Outsource it. It’s proven that strategically outsourcing the tasks that take up your time and frustrate you, will allow you to focus on what you are good at to increase profits. I shied away from this for ages because of the cost. I wasn’t making enough to justify spending money on admin help. Since bringing on a team member for this, I have 2 hours a day EXTRA to spend growing Collabosaurus. Instead of responding to all of the general inquiries, I spend the time pitching partnerships, building investor relationships and creating value for our community in terms of courses, downloads and freebies.

3. Get clear on your goals & exercise your NO reflex

How I figured this out was I kept a task diary for two weeks. Every hour I would jot down what I’ve achieved / got done and then at the end of the two weeks I could really see where my time was going and how my time input translated into sales. Getting really clear on 2 -3 key goals for your year and your quarter means that every task you do, every opportunity that crops up, you can make quick decisions whether it’s going to pay off for you. For example, I was recently asked to fly to Melbourne on a Saturday to speak to a workshop of 40 university students. The opportunity was unpaid, the target market aren’t established brands and I would have had to fork out about $350 for flights, $130 for accommodation and all up about 6 hours of my time. Was this opportunity going to generate sales? No. Was this opportunity going to connect me with people I wanted to connect with? Not really. Would it help me raise investment or grow my email list with qualified leads? Nup. So I said ‘No’ and it feels good.

4. Block out your time

I invest $9 of spare change per month into Calendly and it’s completely changed the way my days work. There are so many reasons why Calendly is great, but I love it because:
– It cuts out the back & forth with one link.
– Clients can choose a time that works for them that fits with my schedule.
– It syncs the calendar invite for you both.
– It allows you to limit the amount of calls you take per day. I only allow two per day, otherwise I’m exhausted!
– You can customise questions prior to the call. I ask what the objective / agenda of every call is to save time, it’s fantastic!

I also ensure that I don’t take meetings on Mondays or Fridays after 1pm so I can power through my to-do list the way that suits me best.

5. Get out of your inbox

Emails are such a time sucker. I’ve spent full days stuck inside my inbox and then finish the day feeling as though I’ve accomplished nothing! Use the time blocker technique above to dedicate time to email management or social media, so you don’t find yourself stuck inside these black holes of unproductivity.

Last but not least, use Collabosaurus for your brand collaborations. We make the whole research, reach out and negotiation process a whole lot quicker for incredible brand collaborations go HERE to get started.