What's holding you back?


It’s a marketing tool that’s 30x less expensive than other digital advertising, but there’s something stopping you from getting started – it’s probably one of these 3 (and we have a solution to all of them).

You’ve probably been following our social media for a little while, seen some big brands collaborating, or heard the term ‘collaboration’ a lot over the last few months (it’s quite a hot topic!) BUT, is something stopping you from getting started?

We recently partnered up with a Kaimera Media, to research the digital advertising space. We looked at the average cost of influencer marketing, adwords, facebook ads and banner ads across industries & countries. Our findings were incredible – showing us that collaboration marketing through Collabosaurus is up to 30x less expensive than other digital advertising.

That’s a massive game-changer for your business when it comes to marketing spend. I mean, are you spending 30x too much to get the same result you’d get from using Collabosaurus?

SO, there are three common roadblocks that we see pop up when we venture out of the office and talk to people, or hang out on Instagram. We’ve got answers for you below & easy solutions so you can get collaborating! It’s the most cost-effective marketing strategy out there. Don’t miss your opportunity to reach new people…

If you think you’re too small

You’re wrong! You don’t need a big email list, social media following, a host of clients, or a marketing budget to get collaborating. In fact, I was collaborating for the growth of Collabosaurus before I even had a functioning website. All you need is a brand, an idea of who you want your customers to be and how you want to grow. 

If you think you can’t start without an ‘idea’

You definitely don’t need a big, creative idea! We built Collabosaurus to help you connect with the right complementary brands, so that no matter what you do together, you’ll be able to exchange value [& help each other grow in the process].